October 2019



Looking at the calendar we still have two months to go before Advent and the new church year. We look forward to a good fall. The rains have come and the temperature is in the cool zone, Fires in the fireplace are a real possibility. We are prepared with a new  cord of wood stacked under the porch. The next calendar events at church will be  Halloween and All Saints Day and then later in November we will again host the  Community Thanksgiving Service on the Wednesday before. This Sunday is potluck  Sunday and the Leonards are bringing the fish they caught on their last trip and we are having a fish fry meal.


The church has recovered from the Labor Day Sale. And  the best news is that King’s Treasure came last week to take away the boxed leftovers and the back room is now clean and ready to start over for next year.


After the sale, Nancy and I got away for a few days of relaxation in southwestern Colorado and enjoyed the cool and even frosty mornings at the resort, Great food and excellent service gave us time to paint, sketch, photograph the surroundings and read and relax. No phone, no internet, and no news to mar your thinking. I read a great biography of Alexander the Great and was reminded that his rule of the world in around 320 BC matched the 530 BC prediction of the coming of the event by Ezekiel’s

prophecy and Daniel’s visions.


According to Ezekiel (24:4) the mainland city of Tyre would be destroyed and it was by Nebuchadnezzar in 573 BC. Then came along Alexander the Great in 332 BC and finished the job by building a land bridge with the remains of the mainland city to the island of Tyre and totally destroying the remaining portion of the great city. Well respected first century historian Josephus record this and the visit by Alexander to the Temple in Jerusalem. There he offered sacrifice to God under the direction of the high priest. This is not unusual in the conquest of Alexander as it is recorded that during his conquests he frequently acknowledge the religious observances of the area. He sacrificed at many different religious sites. These exploits are also recorded in the visions of Daniel.


Alexander died in all likelihood from malaria rather than foul play by his subordinate leader.


Frank went to the Diocesan Synod this year representing Epiphany since I had a Doctor’s appointment that could not be rescheduled. His report is on page 2 and we are grateful for his attendance representing Epiphany. As you are aware we have been praying for our Deacon Dwight. We can now report that he is in Montrose, Colorado and has had a pacemaker implanted and at last report he and his heart’s new friend are getting used to each other. He will have his arm in a sling for the next three weeks while the pacemaker and his heart grow together. We do miss him and please continue to keep him covered with prayer.


Interestingly this may be the year of the fox. Last week our indoor/outdoor cat who likes to go out as soon as the sun comes up to spend the day in the tall grass or lying in the sun had visitors. While she was lying near the apple peelings we had put out for the deer she was visited by three gray foxes. No one in the group seemed alarmed, just a bit perplexed by the appearance. Google says cats and foxes are not a threat to each other and that seemed to be true. We were concerned and tried to get her back in the house. Sandy Thomas in Ruidoso said that their outdoor cat had a similar meeting with a fox recently. It is also reported that foxes have been seen on the Temple Mount in August 2019 and that is a prediction for the fulfillment of the rebuilding of the Temple. This sighting of foxes near the

Western Wall is a grave reminder from the Book of Lamentations 5:18, “Because of the mountain of Zion, which is desolate, the foxes walk upon it.” The foxes were observed just days before the

saddest day in the Jewish calendar when the Jews mourn the destruction of the first and second Temples.


God bless you all in this Fall season,

Pastor Fred+